Our Mission and Core Values


Our Mission

Our daily motivation is to create more than just brand recognition, it’s to create relationships between brands and customers. We play with possibility and build with strategy for start-to-finish quality. We firmly believe that creativity should be used for good, not just good enough.

Our Core Values

You won’t see any YouTube videos of Team Ootem on artsy-fartsy company retreats. Our version of team building is showing up every day, working hard every day, and trusting each other to go the proverbial extra mile.

Personal Accountability
When you’re personally accountable for your ethics and your work, it means you always know where you stand – with each other and with clients. It comes from a place of honesty and integrity, and (yes, to brag a bit) Team Ootem has that in spades. We push each other to make good work, not excuses.

Mutual Respect
Do we sometimes have lousy ideas during brainstorms? You bet. Do we make dumb jokes? All the time. Do we make fun of each other? It’s almost mandatory. It’s because we all hold these core values to heart that we can do all of that and still feel cool and groovy and safe. We genuinely like each other and that’s how we succeed, individually and as a team.

At Oōtem, clients are Partners. And employees are Partners. And publishers are Partners. And we really do spell it with a capital “P” – that’s how important it is to us. As Partners, we invite you to sit at the Ootem team table and collaborate with us. From the beginning to the end, we make sure you are part of the process so you know exactly what’s going on and what’s coming up.

At the end of the day, our name is on the work we produce for you. We want our name to be associated with quality, consistency, and pride, so we work hard to maintain the highest standards for ourselves. We approach every deadline and deliverable as if somebody’s life depends on it. Because somebody’s livelihood probably does.

Positive Spirit
We would love to say that every day at Oōtem is nothing but rainbows and bubble gum. But, some days are tougher than others. This is marketing, after all. So what do we ask? We ask when those days come up, that everyone remembers we’re on the same team. In order to learn, it’s helpful to be hard on the situation, not the people.

We solve problems through research, insight, and a lot of “What if…?” When you walk into the Ootem office, you might just be struck by a new idea because there’s a lot of ‘em being thrown around over here. We don’t always subscribe to the belief that if something worked once before, it will work again. To be effective, we have to be fresh.

We’re a gang of interesting, hilarious, kind individuals. And we’re here because we love to create, fix, investigate, and solve. We love what we do. We’ve got each other’s backs. And we’ve got yours, too.

Every person at Ootem takes our core values seriously. They influence and reflect how we work with our fellow teammates and Partners. In fact, these values are so important to us that they comprise a large portion of each Ootemite’s annual review.