Our Agency Culture


By Jason Kelley
September 18, 2014


A common misperception of marketing agencies is that they have a few “greyhairs” steering the ship—and a bunch of newbies doing all the oar-pulling. At Oōtem, we can assure you, this is definitely not the case. In fact, all of our director-level positions are filled by proud GenXers, each with more than fifteen years of marketing experience. Complimenting all this disenfranchised angst is our one fantastic Millennial.

So how does this dynamic shape our agency culture?

Oōtem is committed to a genuine work/life balance for all employees. Our working parents (all women) work flexible hours, including working from home 1-3 days a week. For the agency to support this flexible schedule, of course, requires these employees live our core values of personal integrity, communication, teamwork, and accountability.

The benefits for the agency, our employees, and our clients are clear. Workers appreciate an employer that supports them outside the office. In turn, these employees—reciprocating this trusting relationship—consistently over-deliver for the agency and our clients. For our clients, the daily access they have to senior-level talent (whom they would only have very infrequent access to in other agency environments) is greatly appreciated. When employees are happy, and clients are happy, they stay. And that’s great news for the agency.

Some of the other big benefits of a more “senior” team?

1. We have really good booze at the office, of course—because we have a more “mature” palate. (And, let us introduce you to the “Kelley” pour)


2. Our snack bowl has items rich in fiber—for obvious reasons.


3. 80s music—which our Millennial finds so “trendy”—is in constant rotation on the Oōtem stereo.


4. Lunch comes early—often before noon. And speaking of lunch: it’s free every day.