Specific Media: Greater Than


By Jason Kelley
September 18, 2014


Business to Business /Integrated Global Campaign


Although Specific Media, an international digital media company, is one of the world’s largest ad network supporting many different solutions, the vast majority of the global media market only knew them as a traditional ad network.  In order to increase sales of their other products, Specific Media tasked Oōtem to craft a global campaign which would educated media buyers about the brands suite of solutions and to drive requests for product specific information.


Create an integrated campaign utilizing digital, print and rich media that compares Specific Media directly to the competition and visually shows how Specific Media is “greater than” the competition. Additionally, the rich media ad was customized per market (9 in all) to support the products only available in the market.


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The average consumer interaction time with the rich media ad was 3 times the B2B averages—far surpassing 1:00 minute.  The average consumer explored 3.1 different products.  Requests for product specific information grew in every market.