Blackbird: Brand Identity


By Jason Kelley
September 18, 2014


Design/Print/Corporate Identity/Logo


Blackbird is an innovative IT services company that was formed by the merger of Palomino DB and DriveDev. The assignment was to help them develop a name, identity and website that aligned with their core values, helped them position themselves in the marketplace and was broad enough to encompass their future goals.


We worked with the company principals to identify and articulate their core values, then developed the name “Blackbird” which nicely refers to a “flock” (they extensively use remote workers) technology and innovation (the SR-71 blackbird) and is still approachable and unintimidating.



Internally and externally, the identity and related site were well received. The identity has been used extensively in events, architecture and collateral. The sales pipeline for the company filled in just 3 months.

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