Ootem: Website


By Jason Kelley
September 18, 2014



The challenge for Ootem was to update our web presences to better represent our brand and capabilities. We needed to bake in responsive design elements so the site works for the laptop, tablet and mobile. Finally we are a bunch of fun loving people and we wanted to create a site that would let people get to know us and our culture.


Create a highly responsive site that presents all of the information in the site in a way that encourages exploration. Using an innovative filtering system in place of navigation, a visitor can quickly find the information they are interested in. Showcase our personality with fun features like “What’s for lunch”, a web app that helps us choose where to go for lunch in the neighborhood.



Average time our site has increased by 1.8x; we receive on average 2 emails about what the team should have for lunch; on average 1.2 articles are read by a site visitor.

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