Thought Leadership


By Jason Kelley
September 18, 2014


At Oōtem, a little downtime becomes the mother of innovation.

In January 2012, things at Oōtem were, for once, a bit slow. With media in place and creative running, for six weeks we had fewer projects in the pipeline—and time to spare. So, the founder challenged the agency to think of a project that would:

  1. Support overall team interests
  2. Educate the agency on strategic and tactical initiatives
  3. Generate revenue
  4. Provide a platform for business development efforts

Inspired by these core values, the Oōtem team created two new innovative online experiences: and



Through our work with clients like Method, Luminalt Solar, and Belly Bar, the Oōtem team saw a shared interest in leading a greener lifestyle—and a lack of online resources when it came to providing practical steps for sustainable living. Realizing a market need for a site that could deliver easy tips, the team created


  • Become the client, and see our work from their point-of-view
  • Build a brand—and site—from the ground up, developing identity, content, and design

What we discovered:

  • Targeted content drives SEO results
  • Excellent affiliate partnerships yield increased revenue
  • The importance of a strategic editorial calendar
  • The unique connection between a brand, advertisers, and consumer expectations

Effect on the bottom line:

  • Revenue from affiliate and ad partnerships covers all support and development costs

Business development impact:

  • In pitches, we can now show actual SEO metrics—not just theoreticals
  • We have a living, breathing example of the agency’s innovative spirit
  • Aided our win of VivaTerra business due to our green retail experience
  • Secured affiliate work from VivaTerra based on provable results

Results of note:

  • Commission Junction points to DoingAbitBetter as an innovative way to utilize CJ feeds into a publisher’s site

Application to other clients:

  • SEO learnings
  • After applying our Content-to-SEO learning to our Viivo client’s business, the ABA now recognizes Viivo as a top brand for lawyers
  • Affiliate learning helped drive in a 183% increase in revenue for VivaTerra



In addition to providing tips, the “Solar” section of DoingAbitBetter.comfeatures a contact form that puts residential users in touch with licensed solar installers in their area.

Ootem provides these “warm” leads to clients we’ve secured through our pioneering site, Based on SEO strength, we’re consistently listed in the Top 5—and usually #1 or #2—results for “residential solar leads” and “commercial solar leads,” yielding a flow of new local solar installer clients.


  • Create a site targeted at small solar installers

What we learned:

  • Deepened our understanding of the way DR clients view media
  • The narrow timeframe necessary to achieve a positive ROI

Business results:

  • Lead-generation revenue covers all marketing, media, and HR costs
  • Several eco-leads clients have asked Ootem to aid their marketing efforts-new lines of revenue!

Results of note:

  • Multiple new lines of revenue for the agency
  • Top 5 SEO rankings for most keywords

Application to other clients:

  • Improving our SEM practice
  • Expanding our DR experience