About Our Client

NutraBella was founded to improve the nutritional wellbeing of women by delivering delicious, nutrient-enriched products that are uniquely formulated and conveniently portable. Created by women for women, NutraBella’s all-natural food products promote good nutrition – the foundation for a healthy and active lifestyle.

The Challenge:

NutraBella was tasked by their most important distribution partners to increase sales of their flagship product, Bellybar. Our challenge was to create a program that would increase in-store sales specifically to this distribution partner on a very limited budget. Oh, and the goal was to show sales increase within 4 weeks of the campaign launch, and we only had 4 weeks to go live.

The Idea:

In conducting consumer research, we discovered a uniquely ownable communication opportunity with our core target-pregnant women. We were able to identify 200 different expectant mother groups across the country where our distributor had well-trafficked brick-and-mortar locations.

Oōtem staff established one-to-one relationships with each group director. We reviewed the product benefits and explained why Bellybar would be an ideal partner for their group. Group directors received a product sample for each of group members, along with a postcard and coupon to drive in-store purchase

Quantifiable Results:

• Increased weekly in-store sales by 8% within 4 weeks, and maintained the increase for an additional 10 weeks

• Increased distribution partner satisfaction