In the fall of 2012, EventBrite hired Oōtem to create their first digital consumer campaign, focused on the city of San Francisco in support of Eventbrite.com’s local content section.

Digital Creative [3]

Challenge: Drive consumers to local San Francisco content on the Evenbrite.com site. EventBrite had little information regarding how to market to the local consumer, let alone how to efficiently engage with entertainment enthusiasts (adults aged 21-34) who live and/or work in the city of San Francisco.

Campaign: Oōtem crafted an online marketing campaign that would engage consumers when they were in an entertainment mindset. As part of this strategy, Oōtem anchored the campaign with three publishers: SFStation, SFWeekly, and TheBayBridged.. In addition to digital banners, mobile advertising and direct response email was used to engage consumers. Finally, the media team was able to secure “firsts” on sfstation.com and the baybridged.com. These two publishers had never deployed skins on their site.

Results: The campaign was highly successful

  • Traffic: met goal expectations
  • Reach: 74% of all A21-34 year olds were touched by the campaign with a weekly frequency of 5x
  • Facebook Connects: Although not originally a stated goal, the campaign did drive additional FB Connects