Oōtem Challenge: Creatively use a limited budget to launch a new product in Q4. With method® core values in mind, ideas had to be the source of inspirational moments and unique connection opportunities with the consumer, as well as reflect the brand’s dedication to innovation, design, and environmental sustainability.

Oōtem Insights: A deep dive into the method® consumer pointed to the Pacific Northwest as the land of opportunity.  In addition to a regional proclivity to embrace products that have a positive impact on their health and the environment, there was a business opportunity to support method’s new distribution partnership with Fred Meyers.

Connection Opportunities:

The Portland Marathon
Where do dirt and germs thrive?  Where there are a lot of sweaty people. Oōtem discovered that the Portland Marathon is the largest green marathon in the country.  Participant profiles mapped to the method® core consumer, and (bonus!) nearly 40% of the participants came down from Seattle providing a unique opportunity to extend reach.  On your mark, get set, go.

Go, Green (Team): Oōtem arranged for the brand to be the first ever Green Sponsor of the Portland Marathon which included multiple efforts to reduce the environmental footprint of the event, including grassroots efforts of the method® Street Team to keep the racetrack clean.

Reunited, and it Feels So Good: A method® Antibac booth at the finish line allowed runners to “Antibac”, meet loved ones, enjoy samples and coupons, and schmooze with brand mascots.  Oōtem led design for method® mascots, Germy & the Germ Extinguisher.

Port-A-Potty Makeover: Talk about making the connection moment intimate.  Oōtem elevated the most-dreaded consumer experience, branding the loos inside and out, while method® teams were on-task to “Antibac” the door handles, and provide hand sanitizer once the job was done.

(Portland) Shelter me:
Oōtem worked with Portland TriMet to create (never-been-done-before) custom bus shelters that included branding literally from the ground up. method® branded “houses” built up around the kiosks became social extensions for the brand, and Oōtem selected high-profile, high-density locations around community events such as the Blazer Games and PG&E Park to have brand ambassadors descend.

Public Transportation Transformation or
Fighting Traffic & Fighting Germs:
Public transportation is well known as a breeding ground for germs, Oōtem negotiated first-to-market opportunities with Portland and Seattle transportation authorities to provide (clean) connection moments with consumers on-the-go.

Max Train Campaign: The Antibac message was carried (literally) through the streets, as multiple fully-wrapped Max Trains moved through the Metropolitan. A favorite passenger, method® mascot Germy!

Seattle Takeover: A first-ever complete domination of the Pioneer Station Transit Terminal & custom branding on the Hybrid Bus Fleet & SWIFT bus line touched 644,849 commuters.


  • High consumer satisfaction
  • Positive sales results (yes, the number is great, but private…)