The Challenge
Launch of the new Game System Console developed by cutting-edge, games-on-demand service, OnLive. Awareness of the brand and understanding of the product was limited, beyond the serious gamer. OnLive hoped to extend reach and drive brand awareness among casual gamers. Goals included driving qualified traffic to the site to engage with brand, increase registrations for the service, and drive sales. Did we mention that we launched in a very crowded Q4? With less than three weeks from project green light to launch?

Oōtem Insights
The overarching strategy was to influence our target at relevant and important connection moments. A strategic deep-dive produced a full communication strategy including online media, OOH and television. Media-wise, short lead-time meant standard inventory was limited. No problem! Oōtem leveraged their unique relationships with Publisher/Partners to score several one-of-a-kind placements and promotions for the brand. Social media, content integration, custom partnership opportunities with key partners in the online gaming space along with targeted digital out-of-home and cable television placements, would provide validation and generate excitement for the launch. Video and Rich Media were utilized to highlight the product “awesomeness” (yes, we said it).

Connection Opportunities:

Media partnerships focused on both gaming, entertainment, and lifestyle sites to go beyond the serious gamer and capture the attention of the casual gamer, and the technology-engaged consumer who is always on the lookout for new toys. Digital OOH, cable & network broadcast and digital efforts resulted in reaching 71% of the core consumer with strong frequency levels.

Sites included in the online plan were: 1Up, Audience Science, BrightRoll, Future, Gametrailer, gWallet, Pulse 360, Gamespot, Digg, Wild Fire, Ask Men/IGN. Of special media note, the digital efforts resulted in a major coup for the brand. Oōtem was able to negotiate and deploy the first ever brand integration with any IGN Facebook fan pages.


Oōtem was tasked with developing creative which would cut through the noisy holiday clutter while delivering the core marketing message. To this end, Oōtem developed two distinct creative concepts for the campaign: “Launch” and “Conversion”. For the Launch creative, Oōtem wrote the :30 second television spot and aided in the overall direction/cut of the ad. In knowing the consumer, the :30 second spot was cut to live as well on broadcast as in Rich Media ad units online.

Concept 1 – Play and Educate: Oōtem wanted to bring the best of the brand right to the consumer in self-selected eniroments when they were in an entertainment mindset. The ads allowed the consumer to engage with the brand and discover more about OnLive while the creative message was optimally delivered.

The expandable serves it all up to the consumer. Video feature promotes latest television ad, overview highlights unique benefits, while a carousel features new and popular game titles

Concept 2 – Drive to Conversion: Utilizing ad serving technologies and the media team’s elbow grease, Oōtem served different ads to the consumers based on their exposed level of frequency. (You may need to refresh your browser to see the differences in the initial frames of the ads)

In order to further drive trial and conversions, Oōtem designed an intergrated sweepstakes with AskMen. Here, the consumer was able to play and engage with the brand. In doing so he was able to discover how the technology driven game console was very different than what he previously knew.

Social: Of course social was a major anchor of the program. In addition to the integration with AskMen’s Facebook page, Oōtem crafted a social networking communication action plan which contained efforts on 14 different social networking platforms. Finally, Oōtem crafted viral videos which were used to educate consumers on various brand proof-points, but were also highly entertaining.

Quantifiable Results:


  • Reached 71% of core target, at a 16x frequency
  • Drove 380% more traffic than expected
  • 218% higher registration volume than expected


  • Rich media interaction rates surpassed estimates by 461%, with average interaction rates surpassing one minute