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In November 2012, Oōtem was tapped by Specific Media to increase awareness and preference for their innovative suite of products among media buyers and planners. Our ongoing relationship with Specific Media also includes updating their brand, creating standout sales material and engaging product videos.


Other Work:

In addition to these creative responsibilities, Oōtem has also crafted a new logo portfolio, unique landing pages for each of the brands, as well as the company’s new corporate tagline:

“Confidence in the Buy. That’s Specific Media.”


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Challenge: Specific Media knew their Specific Video product had very little awareness in the digital planning/buying community. So the brand challenged Oōtem to create a memorable campaign that would drive awareness and trial consideration. In addition, Specific Media wanted to launch the campaign during the cluttered December market—when target engagement is toughest.

Campaign: To raise awareness of Specific Video, Oōtem created the “Don’t be a Richard” campaign, articulated in four separate executions launched over a two-and-a-half-month time period. The campaign—targeting digital planners and buyers—was aimed at capturing attention in slightly irreverent, but realistic settings: the dreaded Monday morning meeting with the boss, the jealousy felt toward a co-worker headed off on holiday break while you have to work; the joy of successful teamwork; and finally a sense of confidence that comes from a trusted relationship. The purpose of the creative arc—from frustration to confidence—was to move the reader along an engaging storyline, all while providing strong proof-points for the brand and product.

The creative—digital and print—ran in nearly every prominent digital media publication.

Results: Within 60 days, unique site visits to the Specific Video product page on Specific Media increased by more than 100%. Additionally, requests for more information increased by more than 2,000% over the previous time period of 2011/2. Finally, feedback received by sales staff directly pointed to buyers seeing—and remembering—the campaign, both online and in print.


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Challenge: Specific Media has formed a relationship with Nielsen to provide data to traditional and digital planners and buyers to help them maximize their marketing investment while utilizing both channels. Specific Media’s challenge was to explain a product with unique complexities to an audience who had little to no understanding of the brand.

Campaign: Oōtem crafted a campaign that spoke to one of the planner and buyer’s biggest challenges: reaching a target consumer that’s engaged on multiple media platforms (mobile, tablet, and laptop), not just television. To date, Oōtem has created three TVAS concepts: “Millennial” (appearing in Broadcast & Cable’s Millennial Upfront edition), “Boomer” (appearing in Broadcast & Cable’s Boomer Upfront edition), and “Brand-Female” (which has run in nearly all leading industry publications pertaining to Upfronts and any TV buying edit). In addition, the “Millennial” and “Brand-Female” digital creative has run on nearly every industry site against Upfront and TV planning/buying content.

Results: The “Brand-Female” digital creative has received nearly a 5x CTR compared to the brand’s other digital creative. We believe this is due to the creative clearly speaking to the challenges of the buying community, as well as traditional buyers seeking more information about the TVAS brand. Finally, requests for more information via the landing page (created by Oōtem) have been up nearly 15x over non-advertising periods.


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Challenge: Oōtem was tasked yet again with introducing a Specific Media product to the media buying and planning community. Householding is a tool that helps marketers target one household, on all devices. The challenge here was similar to TVAS: how do you educate your audience on a product that is new, groundbreaking, and complex?

Campaign: Oōtem created an integrated digital/print campaign for Householding. The digital creative came as a response to Firefox blocking 3rd-party cookies—something Householding does not use—and has run in nearly every digital media publication, just days after Firefox made their announcement. Oōtem’s print execution ran in Advertising Age’s TV & Video issue. The concept for the ad was simple: “Reach all users. On all the screens. All under one roof.”

Results: Specific Media’s Householding campaign resulted in an overall spike in site traffic. There’s been a steady increase in site visits since March, when the digital campaign started. Most notably, during the month of April, traffic increased more than 4x over that of the previous month. An increase that’s directly attributed to the print ad that ran on 4/8, as well as the digital campaign expanding on 4/1.