In April 2012, PKWARE (widely known for establishing the .zip compression standard) conducted a nationwide search of 22 agencies to help market and advertise its new and as-yet-unnamed cloud encryption application. After careful consideration, PKWARE selected Oōtem for our strategic acumen, creative skills, and agile process. Oōtem’s responsibilities for the brand included:

  • Product Naming
  • Web Development
  • CRM Strategy
  • Forum Pages
  • Custom Videos
  • Marketing Creative
  • Product Logo
  • CRM Templates
  • Media Planning & Buying
  • SEO
  • Social Strategy and Activation
  • Creative Icons and UI for iOS/Android and Desktop

Making the swift transition from launching a brand to driving the lion’s-share of application downloads yielded its own, interesting, set of challenges. For this entry, we focus on our successful campaign to increase downloads—illustrating our innovative and strategic approach to our clients’ business challenges.

Challenge: One of our major responsibilities for Viivo, post-brand-launch, was to drive application downloads. To meet this challenge, we deployed SEM and a mobile campaign. Strategically, however, we felt marketing specifically to industry channels—real estate agents, physicians, attorneys, and sales professionals—would increase the brand’s overall awareness, as well as, drive application downloads. After conducting media analysis against each of these target groups, it became clear that the cost of acquisition would be too high to use traditional digital DR channels. Not taking “no” for an answer, we believed that by crafting a content plan aimed at one of these target groups, we would increase the brand’s SEO rankings, generate social buzz, and get others to talk about us—all of which would result in increased app downloads. The case study below outlines our success with our content-to-download strategy targeting attorneys.


1. We began with research into what attorneys were saying in blogs, tweets, and articles about their challenges, concerns, and beliefs around using the Cloud. From this, we crafted a content plan focused on how Viivo enables attorneys to safely save, share, and store in the Cloud.

2. On a consistent basis, we wrote Viivo blog articles—typically one to two per week.


3. Articles were then tweeted.

4. On February 25, an attorney used our information from the February 12 article “Attorneys—Are You Using the Cloud Ethically?” for his own posting on his law firm’s website. Of course, we retweeted the post.


Additionally, we sent the firm a tweet thanking them for their article and their favorability for Viivo.


5. The social conversation continued in the “Trial Technology” group on LinkedIn. Now, our follower had become our evangelist. As the thread continues, the lawyer tells his fellow attorneys, “…I believe that Viivo is the simplest solution for you…”


6. Between social conversations and targeted content, the brand’s SEO rankings rose.



7. Per our strategy, attorney content sites are now writing about Viivo. This, in turn, aids SEO results and drives downloads.



8. With increasing energy around the brand, the ABA Tech conference highlighted Viivo—first, actually—as a top website for lawyers.

9. Additional publishers highlighted Viivo from their ABA Tech conference rounds-ups.




10. Downloads from March surpassed download goals by +3,491% from SEO/Social activity. Based on user email address, we see a large spike in downloads from law firms of various sizes.