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Every day as markets we talk about the latest technological advancements in digital marketing, the rapid rise of mobile marketing, and the optimal way to integrate social networking into everything. With all of this, it is of some surprise when we reviewed a recent survey from the CMO Council. Print collateral is by far the most common form of marketing material produced.
Tried and True Methods Remain Dominant
Results from “Mapping & Tracking: The Optimized Marketing Supply Chain” indicate that a solid majority of marketing executives are still producing the same types of material they have been for years. Print collateral leads with 84% of respondents producing it, followed by presentations (72%) and folders and handouts (66%).
In addition, 57% of respondents produce direct mail and 55% produce product documentation. Only 39% produce multimedia products, the most popular “new media” form of marketing materials tracked by the survey. The other two were POS display (26%) and demo software (25%).
Consumables Typically Account for 30% or Less of Budget
A combined 71% of respondents say marketing consumables account for 30% or less of their marketing budget. Another 12% say they account for 30-40% of the budget. Only a combined 18% say consumables account for 40% or more of total marketing budget allocations/expenditures.
Only 1/3 Use Organization-wide Materials Forecasts
When asked how they forecast utilization of marketing items and materials, only 30% of respondents said they use organization-wide forecasts based on current and anticipated usage. This was less than the 33% who do not forecast at all, but order as needed.
Combining this 33% with the 4% who do not forecast but automatically replenish based on inventory, and close to 4 in 10 marketing executives do not perform marketing material utilization forecasting. Another 23% use material requests to aid forecasting.
Many Lack Real-time Inventory Access, Rush Orders Common
Considering these results, it is not surprising that close to half (44%) do not have real-time access to inventory levels in their marketing materials supply chain. It is also not surprising that about seven in 10 respondents (68%) must rush order marketing materials or merchandise.
White Papers, Online Video Influence Tech Buyers
For B2B technology marketers, it is worth noting that the white paper is the number one most influential piece of collateral that technology purchasers consult when making or influencing a buying decision for their company, according to a December 2009 survey by Eccolo Media, which also found that online video is fast becoming more widely used when evaluating purchases.

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