Apparently, we’re apt to dump our apps.

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By Jason Kelley
January 26, 2016


Nearly 33% of all smartphone-dominant users (those who spend a majority of their time on their smartphones, using them as replacements for a PC) replace apps on their phone several times a week. 52% of users replace apps at least once monthly. Additionally, most apps that haven’t been used by month three, get the DnD – Download n’ Dump. Perhaps most interesting is that 1/3 of apps are actually DnD’d within a week. What’s driving this behavior?

Here’s what:

  • Looking for something new/bored – 80%
  • Personal, alternate recommendation – 74%
  • Kids – 70%
  • Insufficient mobile browser – 68%
  • Seeking a better app for a better shopping experience – 65%

What is the number one app frustration amongst this powerful group?

Storage suck. 74% of device owners say apps take up too much storage space.

And in a recently-released survey from Quixey, mobile device owners said that the amount of storage taken up is what they like least about apps.

The study revealed that “app replacement is what is driving app downloads,” and data from the report certainly suggests that replacement is one of the triggers behind downloads. Indeed, six in 10 respondents said that frustration or dissatisfaction with the current version of an app is a general prompt for downloading a new one.


Source: Yahoo smartphone study Q4 December 2015