Are You Watching Videos Online? Everyone Else Is

November 2, 2012 4:29 pm Published by

People are spending more time and watching more videos than ever before. According the Nielson’s online video report for September, Americans spent 40% more time with online video and watched 44% more videos.
In September about 162 million Americans checked out Web video for an average of about seven hours. They watched nearly 26 billion videos. In September 2011, the same number of viewers – 166.4 million — streamed 18 billion videos for about five hours on average.
The most popular sites this September were YouTube, which lured 136 million uniques, or more than 80% of the entire audience. YouTube is followed by Yahoo, Vevo, AOL and Facebook as top video sites.
YouTube also delivered the most total streams in September at 16 billion, followed by Hulu with 695 million, Vevo with 636 million, AOL with 597 million and Netflix with 382 million.
However, Netflix generates the most time and engagement with its content Netflix viewers spend an average of 11 hours each month on the site, followed by Hulu and YouTube viewers at about four hours each. Powerful numbers for Netflix – too bad they don’t sell advertising.

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