Mommies Likey Their Smartphones

Mom Smartphone

By Jason Kelley
April 7, 2011

Consumer Insights

BabyCenter released its “21st Century Mobile Mom® Report,” which revealed that smartphones are a mom’s new best friend. Moms are 18% more likely than average to have a smartphone. Overall adoption of smartphones among moms has risen 64% over the past two years, and 51% of moms say they are “addicted” to their smartphone.

Here are some pretty significant findings:

Motherhood Made Me Do It

•53% of the women surveyed said they purchased a smartphone as a direct result of becoming a mom.

Power Players
•68% know how to use most of the features of their smartphone
•75% troubleshoot their own phone.
•33% of moms have used their smartphone for health and wellness in the past month.
•A mom is 40% more likely than average to use her smartphone for social networking. Her top three social activities include reading social newsfeeds (56%), updating her status (54%), and reading answers to posted questions (48%).

Media Consumption
•On average, Mom spends 37% of her daily media time with her smartphone, which is double that spent on TV, and more time than with other media, including radio, magazines, and newspapers.
•78% of moms say they use e-mail on their smartphone to filter incoming communications on a daily basis.
•Moms are also 284% more likely than the average adult to text their friends rather than call them.

Mobile Advertising
•46% of moms have taken action after seeing an ad on their smartphone.

The study confirms that smartphones truly empower moms, giving them access to social networks, important information, and valuable tools that help her feel like she is being a great mom.

What does this mean for advertisers? Mobile is mainstream for this influential group of consumers. Spend some time on useful apps and mobile-friendly websites that are easy to access.

More important, think about building meaningful connections with these ladies, and make sure your brand becomes part of these trusted forms of communications.