Pack Your Bags, Kids: Moms Are (Carefully) Planning Vacations for 2011

Family vacation

By Jason Kelley
February 21, 2011

Consumer Insights

Good news for families. According to a survey conducted by, moms are prioritizing the family vacation, but being very prudent about planning and funding them. Highlights include:

Thinking outside the box
– More moms are looking for a place they’ve never been to.
– Moms will seek out value, family entertainment and economy this year.
– Moms often seek out a new destination online, with 25% doing so several times a year.

Dollars and sense

– Many moms (48%) plan to spend about the same amount on family travel as last year.
– Moms are most likely to use monthly savings to pay for 2011 family vacations.
– Most moms will make some sort of sacrifice in order to afford family travel again this year; however, the sacrifices are more likely to be during the vacations itself, rather than throughout the year.
– Fewer moms will sacrifice flying on vacation this year.

The online survey was conducted among U.S. moms who over eighteen years of age, with at least one child living in the household, and who planned to travel for leisure purposes in 2011. There is a margin of error of 4% and a 96% confidence level.