Perceptions on Advertising: “They love us! They really love us!”


By Jason Kelley
March 13, 2013

Consumer Insights

Our friends at McCann are unveiling the findings of a study that explores the perception gap between what consumers think about advertising compared with the sentiments of the men and women who work in the business.

The “Truth About Advertising” study – conducted in partnership with 4A’s – surveyed 1,000 U.S. consumers, nearly 500 agency employees, a dozen top industry leaders, and a few people on the street.

Major takeaway: consumers like us more that we like ourselves. (Is this good news or bad news?)

Among those that are in advertising:

  • 56% think that people in advertising secretly wish they were doing something more creative
  • 40% think we drink too much
  • 39% think that people in advertising are more likely to suffer from anxiety/depression

Consumers view us with much softer eyes:

  • 71% of consumers feel positive about advertising as a profession
  • 67% of consumers feel positive about the advertising they see around them
  • 57% of consumers say advertising gives them something to talk about
  • 39% of consumers love advertising

69% said they think advertising has the power to make the world a better place.

Let’s drink to that!