Social Media Persona #3: The 9-5er


By Jason Kelley
October 4, 2010

Consumer Insights

The main driver of social networking use for the “9-5er” persona is to fuel their career/business. They want to be in the “know” about empowering products and services that can lead to personal and business success. They are highly interested in using sites like LinkedIn over Facebook to establish and maintain business relationships. The “9-5er” tends to be an active on Twitter. However, they tend to follow others on Twitter rather than do a lot of Tweeting themselves.

In order to engage with a “9-5er”, a brand needs to deliver regular and insightful product updates, specific education/information, and content that is perceived as valuable to the consumer in order to enhance their career. To this end, the “9-5er” tends to be male, more affluent and 30-54 years of age.