Social Networking Persona #2: The Super Friend

super friends

By Jason Kelley
September 17, 2010

Consumer Insights

“Super Friends” are the eager consumers who are first to respond to friends’ posts, and typically update their own status several times per day. Their social networking activities primarily focus on establishing and maintaining friendships. The “Super Friend” personas are excellent in ensuring their “friend” lists consist of just that: friends. Rarely will they have a work colleague on their list.

The “Super Friend” has similar qualities to the “Lover” persona when it comes to brands. The main difference is that, in addition to wanting to connect to a brand, they are also highly interested in letting others know how they feel about a brand. To this end, you will see a “Super Friend” belonging to a higher than average number of brand Fan pages on Facebook.

Similar to the “Lovers” persona, promotions targeting “Super Friends” should be light, friendly and authentic.