This Just In (Brace Yourself) – Women Enjoy Social Networking Sites!


By Jason Kelley
September 14, 2009

Consumer Insights

Shes Connected Multimedia conducted a recent study about women and the importance of Social Media sites in their daily lives. The study supports a great deal of what we have been talking about around the water cooler. The study surveyed women 18+ who live in the US or Canada and belong to a SocNet site. The highlights of the study are:
•50% would be open to paying for a subscription to a SocNet site if there was a true benefit to them-49% said they would not join a SocNet sites which requires a membership fee
•53% use a SocNet site at least weekly
•90% say controlling their privacy settings on a site is “very important”
•86% what to ensure they can block others from seeing their profile, or contacting them
•72% rank the ability of posting comments as “very important”
•Ad supported models are the most favorable-92% have some comfort seeing ads on SocNet sites
•However, on 22% are comfortable with the idea of having their information sold to marketers in exchange of more relevant ads
Although not too surprising, the top five reasons women join a social networking site are:
•Network with others in their industry
•Stay up to date with friends
•Stay up to date with groups they belong
•To promote their business.
•To research products or services
Additional survey findings about social-networking women:
•67%% belong to three social networks, while 48% belong to four or more—@Plan supports this finding
oSupporting the importance of a well vetted duplication strategy when targeting women on SocNet sites
•The adoption of social networks by older women is especially strong. Women ages 50+ comprised the largest age group in the core user survey-Again @Plan supports this finding
•Women using social networks are highly educated, with 23% of respondents having a masters, PhD, or other advanced degree (vs. 8% nationally).
•More than one-third report they are in business for themselves.
•Respondents spend a significant amount of time online each day, with 49% reporting they spend 1 – 2 hours per day for personal use and 48% reporting they spend five or more hours per day online for work-WOW….this compares to spending less than :30 minutes a day watching/reading the news on/offline per day
•83% of respondents have 50 or more connections or friends.
•56% have started at least one group and have joined an average of two to five groups. Nearly one in three (29%) belong to 10 or more groups.