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Well maybe not yet, but we are certainly on our way. According to The Mobile Marketing Association, in 2008 despite a 7% decrease in overall marketing investment, mobile jumped by 26%.
This trend is predicted to continue. The medium will garner about 1.8% of total marketing budget with actual investment growing from $1.7BB in 2008 to $2.16BB in 2010 according to the MMA. The association also reports that about half of all agencies and brands are experimenting with mobile marketing via SMS, mobile websites and mobile email marketing efforts.
Currently about 18MM Americans 13+ have regular access to websites via their mobile devices. In fact, last year, mobile internet access increased by 36%…impressive. However, despite the growing use of the mobile web many consumers find that slow connections and extra fees are still the primary barriers to both increased use (among current users) and adoption (among non-users).
For those consumers who do engage with mobile advertising agencies and brands are finding the interaction rates to be extremely high. A Universal McCann research study on smartphone usage found that more than a third of high-use smartphone users respond to mobile advertisements-ah…brings back memories of the early days of the internet, right? The study found that smartphone users are clicking on ads (53%), requesting more information or a coupon (35%) and making purchases via their handsets (24%). What we found to be interesting is that nearly 82% of respondents report they use mobile devices at work. 81% use them while shopping. Again, underscoring CME (concurrent media exposure) issues for brands.
Now for local….
The Kelsey Group predicts that local movile ad revenue will increase to over $3BB by 2013. This follows the same trend in local digital (internet) media. Most of the rise will be centered-no surprisingly- around local search (estimated to be $2.3BB). In 2008 27.8% of all mobile searches were local. Local search is expected to comprise 35.1% of all searching by 2013.
These insights are key to understand when building out new sites to ensure they can be seen, searched and easily engaged when the consumer is ready to connect with your brand.

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