Excuse me Bartender, I will have 1.1% more please


By Jason Kelley
August 29, 2010


As in other recessionary times, booze buying has risen over the last year. In fact according to Technomic, the predicted decline of 2.5% of on-premise sales (bars, clubs, restaurants, you know places other than in your home) for FY2010 has been updated with actual results showing a 1.1% increase.
Perhaps not too surprising is where we are enjoying a cocktail or two… or 3. Nightclub and casino sales have increased 2.1%, with hotel sales showing a 1.3% increase. With such fantastic results marketers cannot neglect on-premise marketing to engage and increase purchase intent. You know… those fun coasters, posters in the restrooms, neon signs, not to mention events and brand ambassadors…(think the Captain Morgan ladies).
Consider using these stats of a way of impressing your friends and favorite Bartender the next time you are enjoying a libation or two on-premise. Cheers!