Dear Facebook: I’m Not Breaking Up I Just Need A “Break”

February 19, 2013 5:19 pm Published by

Two-thirds of online American adults (67%) are Facebook users. It’s such a pervasive part of our national culture it’s become a verb: “I’ll Facebook you.” No wonder people get burnt out.
New findings from the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project reveal that
 61% of current Facebook users say that at one time or another in the past they have voluntarily taken a break from using Facebook for a period of several weeks or more.
 20% of the online adults who do not currently use Facebook say they once used the site but no longer do so.
 8% of online adults who do not currently use Facebook are interested in becoming Facebook users in the future.
Among the comments from those who took Facebook breaks: “I was tired of stupid comments.” … “(I had) crazy friends. I did not want to be contacted.” … “I took a break when it got boring.” … “It was not getting me anywhere.” … “You get burned out on it after a while.” … “I gave it up for Lent.” … “People were (posting) what they had for dinner.” … “I didn’t like being monitored.” … “I got harassed by someone from my past who looked me up.” … “It caused problems in my (romantic) relationship.”
We can assume Zuckerberg is hoping the Facebook refresh might resurrect the relationship for people suffering burnout?

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