I Just Read it for the Coupons

June 10, 2011 3:32 pm Published by

We love a good deal at Ootem…who doesn’t, right? However, it may be surprising to you (as it was to us) that despite the press and PR on the growth of digital couponing, the most popular source of couponing in the US is the good ol’ Sunday paper. The Sunday paper generates 49% of all coupon consumption, with in-store coupons (43%) and mail (33%) rounding out the top three. Digital couponing (which includes text, email, and .coms) comprises 14% of the total market-share. As you know, we believe that over the next two years there will be a huge shift from the Sunday paper to digital. Until then, we praise the paper boy and the discounts he delivers each week.
Source: ComScore, Scarsbourgh

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