A Little More of This… And a Little Less of That

angry birds

By Jason Kelley
August 29, 2010

Marketing Trends

As you know from time-to-time we like to share small bits of research to brighten your day.

With the vast richness of information that the interweb holds for us our feelings are a bit mixed to have learned that 40% of our online time in June 2010 was spent playing games, emailing and social networking. In fact these activities are increasing in popularity comparred to last year (June 2009 vs. June 2010). 22.7% of our time in June of 2010 was spent on social networking activity…up 43% from last year! That is a whole lot of chatting with past highschool girl/boy friends and asking our mom’s to remove embarrasing school photos.

And when we are not avoiding out bosses on Facebook we are playing more online games. In June of 2010 online gaming time increased 10%. The econmic sitiuation may have significant impact on these metrics. As (unfortunatly) Americans have increased time on their hands, they are turning to online for their enterainment and connecting to others.

When looking at all activities, Americans spend 36% of our online time communicating. Communication activities include instant messaging, vedio messaging, social networking, blogging and personal emailing.