Are You Plagued By FOMO? (That’s Right. FOMO.)


By Jason Kelley
August 14, 2012

Marketing Trends

Technology seems to inspire an endless amount of acronyms for our tired, old brains to absorb. We ran across FOMO while perusing a State of Social Media study, recently released by Harris Interactive and MyLife that reports 62% of adults

who are currently a member of more than one social networking site say they keep an eye on their social networks because they don’t want to miss something (“Fear of missing out: FOMO”). And here we thought social networking was for more trivial pursuits (like spying on exes).

People love their social media. In fact, nearly 40% of people surveyed would rather do ANY of the following than give up their social networking profiles:

-Wait in line at the DMV
-Read War & Peace
-Do their taxes
-Give up an hour of sleep each night for a year
-Run a marathon
-Sit in traffic for 4 hours while listening to polka music
-Get a root canal
-Spend a night in jail
-Clean the drains in the showers at the local gym
-Give up their air conditioner/heater

Our takeaway: clearly, most of these respondents have never had a root canal.