So, at this party whom should we chat with?


By Jason Kelley
September 2, 2010

Marketing Trends

Nearly every day at Ootem we discuss how to activate a brand’s most valuable consumers via social network activities. We have found that most consumers fit into one of nine different persona buckets. Knowing how to communicate to these personas will aid in fine-tuning your social networking campaigns. Over the next few weeks we will release each of these personas. Since we are Oōtem, we clearly had to start with one of our favorites:

“Lovers” are motivated by their personal passions (both off and online). These passions range from the broad categories of entertainment (music, movies, books, ect.), sports, and pets to specific brands. And they tend to seek out others who share their passions. Therefore, you will find a “Lover” on several different social networking sites-each site supporting either a specific passion ( for the dog lover) and/or more global social networking sites offering niche platforms (one of hundreds of dog pages on Facebook).

“Lovers” respond well to promotions via email, blogs, and social networks if the promotions are on target and authentic. If a promotion is not tailored to their passion, they will not engage. In fact, they will most likely come away with a poor perception of the brand.