You Listen to the Radio Like it’s 2000

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By Jason Kelley
June 23, 2011

Marketing Trends

The changing landscape on how “the youth of today” listen to the radio is clearly evident in the recent study “Radio’s Future II: The 2010 American Youth Study”.  In the report comparing media consumption of Americans age 12-24 of 2000 vs. 2010 found that radio listening time consumption plummeted 49.5%, or 79 minutes.  What makes the findings even more surprising is that in 2000, listening to the radio was the top form of media consumption for Ages 12-24. However, in 2010, radio came in a distant third after internet and television.

Although listening to the local FM station may have dropped in importance, we do see an increase in this age group (especially 18-24) listening to online radio stations such as Pandora.  This change in listenership has been witnessed by the industry.  BIA/Kelsey predicts $459.3 million in revenues will come from digital and online radio in 2011, a jump in revenue of nearly 29%.