A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words (On Facebook)

facebook faces

By Jason Kelley
November 3, 2011

Media Consuption

A new study by social media marketing firm Vitrue found that  image-based posts on Facebook brand pages in mobile drew the highest engagement levels:

  • Image posts received 22% more engagement than video posts
  • Image posts received 54% more engagements than text posts
  • But, video posts received 27% more engagement than text posts

So, image and video are superior to text-only posts.  That makes sense.  A picture is, indeed, worth a thousand words.  However, image posts proved more compelling than video.  Why?  Potentially, videos are more of a time commitment and users are often just skimming Facebook for content.

Good news for advertisers on the effectiveness front!  Video is time-consuming for the marketer, and creating good quality video is challenging.  Find compelling and relevant images to include as part of your social media strategy to engage consumers.