Oh, Look, Another Crazy Cat Video!

crazy cat

By Jason Kelley
May 10, 2010

Media Consuption

In January 2010 Americans watched 32.4 BILLION online videos.

And where did the 173 MILLION Americans who watched videos turn? According to ComScore (Jan 2010):


Play is one thing, but uniques are another

The average online video watcher in January viewed 187 videos. Of special note, Hulu recorded its highest unique/video consumption rates of 23.5x for the month. Overall TV broadcast viewership was flat from the same time period as FY09.


Video Networks showed large gains in January, 2010
Since 2005, Video Networks have grown in size, importance, and viewership. Additionally, with innovative pricing models-CPV (cost-per-view) and CPI (cost-per-interaction) coupled with an ever increased ability to target, Video Networks have become a staple on most video plans.

In January 2010 the top 10 Video networks by reach are:


Other Video Tidbits:
•The average Hulu viewer watched 23.5 videos–totaling 2.3 hours of videos per viewer
•The duration of the average online video was 4.1 minutes
•Which means Fox Interactive consumers watched nearly 20MM hours of video in January!