Rumors of my Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated says E-mail Marketing

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By Jason Kelley
January 5, 2012

Media Consuption

Do you remember email marketing?  More importantly, do you recall conversations in your office about how email marketing is dead, and is so 2004?  Well apparently, nobody told consumers about the death of email marketing.  Open rates rose in Q3 of 2011 to an amazing 23.8% – that’s a 7.8% increase from the same time period in 2010. What’s more amazing is that the effective click-through rates also increased +5.76% in Q3 2011 vs. Q2 2011.

Speaking of click rates, in Q3 2011 there were massive differences based on category:

  • CPG: 8.1%
  • Financial Services-General:  6.9%
  • Retail-General:  6.6%
  • Financial Services-Credit Cards/Banks:  6.1%
  • General Consumer Services 4.8%
  • Travel/Hospitality Travel Services:  4.5%
  • Retail-Apparel:  3.8%

Of course, before a consumer clicks on a marketing message, they must first open the email.  Again, strong open rates were seen in Q3 2011:

  • CPG:  43%
  • Consumer Publishing:  36.9%
  • Financial Services- Credit Cards/Banks:  38.6%
  • Financial Services-General:  32.5%
  • Consumer Services-Telecom:  31.1%
  • Retail-General:  27.8%

Mobile Email’s Amazing Growth:

As you know, we have reported on the growth and the importance of mobile email marketing as a part of the overall marketing mix.  From April-September viewing email on any mobile device increased 34% from October 2010-March 2011; and even more impressive, accounted for 23% of all email views.   Most impacted by the increase in mobile viewing is Webmail (down -11% to 44% of all views) and desktop (down -9% down to 33% of all views) respectively.

In terms of mobile device growth, no other device saw quite the jump in email viewership than the iPad.  Email views on the device jumped by 12% between March (when the iPad 2 launched) and April – and then grew 73% between April and September.

Days of Our Email

In looking at the dip of desktop email viewership, it is not a surprise that Saturday and Sunday are the least popular days for consumers to view email.  Conversely, desktop email viewership is highest Monday-Friday:  i.e., when consumers are at work.

Mobile and Webmail viewership is highest on the weekends.

Other Email Tidbits:

  • Non-bounce rates remained strong at 96.5%, while average volume per client increased by 14.9% from Q3 2010
  • Outlook accounted for 63% of desktop email opens, more than double Apple Mail’s share (31%)
  • Webmail views were highest among the finance (49%), shopping (48%), and travel industries (45%), while desktop views were highest among the software (48%) and automotive (47%) industries
  • Mobile views were largely consistent among industries, with the highest rates seen in the entertainment (27%), social networking (27%), and publishing (26%) industries

Source:  Email Experience Council “Q3 2011 Email Trends and Benchmarks”, Return Path, Knotice, Internal Ootem data