Millennials Plugged in for Better or Worse

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Here’s a word I couldn’t have made up in 1992: hypoconnectivity. I think it would have really impressed my sociology professors in the day. Today, it is not only a word, but also a state of being so prevalent that Pew did a study to shed light on potential consequences to the hyperconnected lifestyle that many 21st century millennial Americans live.
Teenagers today are growing up in an unprecedented environment of hyper-inter-connectivity. According to recent data collected by the Pew Internet Project, 95% of teens 12 to 17 are online, 76% use social networking sites and 77% have cellphones.
The Good
Optimists feel that young adults brought up from childhood with a continuous connection to each other and to information will be nimble, quick-acting multitaskers.
The Bad
Some experts in this survey also predict that this generation will exhibit a thirst for instant gratification and quick fixes, a loss of patience, and a lack of deep-thinking ability due to what one referred to as “fast-twitch wiring.”
The Reality
Technology isn’t going anywhere. One respondent believes that Millennials will start to see the value of deeper thinking: “Long-form cognition and offline contemplative time will start to be viewed as valuable and will be re-integrated into social and work life in interesting and surprising ways.”
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