No More Paper Cuts! The eBook eVolution

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While it’s not changing the world overnight, the eBook is slowly and surely gaining favor among readers. Pew Research Center reveals some interesting reading:

A fifth of American adults have read an e-book in the past year and the number of e-book readers grew after a major increase in ownership of e-book reading devices and tablet computers during the holiday gift-giving season.

The average reader of e-books says she has read 24 books (the mean number) in the past 12 months, compared with an average of 15 books by a non-e-book consumer.

Thirty percent of those who read e-content say they now spend more time reading, and owners of tablets and e-book readers particularly stand out as reading more now.

E-book reading happens across an array of devices, including smartphones. A December survey revealed that e-book readers age 16 and older were just as likely to have read an e-book on their computers as had read e-book reader devices specifically made for e-book consumption. Cell phones are reading devices, too.

42% of readers of e-books in the past 12 months said they consume their books on a computer

41% of readers of e-books consume their books on an e-book reader like original Kindles or Nooks

29% of readers of e-books consume their books on their cell phones

23% of readers of e-books consume their books on a tablet computer

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