Nobody Puts Grandma in the Corner

May 11, 2012 3:50 pm Published by

Gone are the days when Nana’s social network meant bridge night at the senior center. While she still enjoys a lively game of cards, she’s just as likely playing through a Facebook app with her neighbor, Barbara.
That’s right, seniors are online, too. So much so, that almost half (49%) have a Facebook account (according to Forrester Research’s Demographic of Digital Seniors).
So, if seniors are friending or liking (or for the cranky ones, unliking) while they’re online, what else are they doing?
-91% are using email
-44% are playing games (look out, stay-at-home moms)
-46% are sending photos (or animated gifs of dancing cats)
The takeaway? When targeting this highly engaged (often affluent!) audience, don’t forget to throw online and social into the mix.

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