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About Our Client
RadiumOne delivers more than 100 million highly engaged consumers, virtually unduplicated reach, and an innovative suite of solutions for advertisers. Leveraging data from invitation-only ComScore properties, the publisher can identify a consumer’s interests, intent, and consumption habits.

A web-based advertising solution supports standard digital media formats, including video, rich media, and rewards-based opportunities.

The Challenges:
• RadiumOne has an amazing product offering- Social Graph™, however, had a challenge in communicating the product and benefits to potential advertisers
• Communication/marketing materials did not reflect the brand
• Overall messaging was out dated and didn’t align with the core brand

Our Work:
• Created a new tag line: “Results Powered by Connections”
• Developed a new website including new messaging, content, and look/feel in less than three weeks
• Created one-sheets for use in sales meetings and conferences
• Developed a 90-second flash movie to describe the product that debuted at AdTech
• Created sales collateral to support the brand across all platforms-site, projection, iPad, and mobile devices

Click below to see the flash intro created by Oōtem
Click here to see the flash deck we created

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