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We have all felt for some time that if you make the consumer experience easy, consumers will spend more and have higher satisfaction. While this is not breaking news, it is great to see research to support our hunches. Allowing online consumers to conduct social sign-in (SSI) for an e-commerce site rather than create a new user account can produce higher levels of spending and customer satisfaction, as identified by Janrain and Blue Research data from “Importance of Identity Solutions”. The report indicates that during the 2010 holiday season, 21% of those who consider social sign-in desirable (fans) expected to spend more than in 2009, compared to 16% of critics.
In addition, 64% of fans expected to spend more than $500 during the 2010 holiday season, compared to 61% of critics. Sixty-six percent of survey respondents were classified as fans and 34% as critics.
SSI Fans are fans of Online Shopping
In addition to planning on spending more in general, SSI fans were also more likely to plan more online purchases during the 2010 holiday season than critics. Thirty-nine percent of fans planned to make more online holiday purchases in 2010 than 2009, compared to 25% of critics.
Furthermore, 54% of fans and 49% of critics planned to make more than 50% of their total 2010 holiday purchases online.
75% of Consumers Avoid Creating New Accounts
Survey data also shows that 75% of consumers will avoid creating a new user account for an e-commerce site, with 54% leaving the site or not returning, 17% going to a different site if possible, and 4% leaving/avoiding the site.
Furthermore, of consumers who have created a new user account, 76% admit to giving incomplete or incorrect information.
Other Findings
 55% of consumers agree they are more likely to return to a site that automatically recognizes them, 20% disagree.
 48% of consumers agree they are more likely to purchase at a site that automatically recognizes them, 25% disagree.
 42% of consumers agree companies that offer SSI are more innovative, up-to-date and leave a positive impression compared to those that do not offer SSI, 22% disagree.
US Leads Global SocNet Usage
Pew Global Attitudes Project found Americans are most likely to use online social networks. Among the 22 publics surveyed, Americans most often say they use websites like Facebook and MySpace: 46% use such sites, 36% use the internet, but do not access these sites, and 18% say they never go online.
The survey finds three countries close behind the US in social network usage. In Poland (43%), Britain (43%) and South Korea (40%), at least four in 10 adults say they use such sites. And at least a third engages in social networking in France (36%), Spain (34%), Russia (33%) and Brazil (33%).
Consideration: For those of you who support e-commerce on your site, it is highly recommended you build SSI into your site.

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