Women Play, Gen Y Pays

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By Jason Kelley
February 22, 2014


US social mobile gaming network PlayPhone investigated the breakdown of the mobile gaming market as part of its Mobile Gaming Chronicles.  The survey of more than 1,000 U.S. male and female adult respondents finds that 68% of mobile gamers are women, 71% of whom are married, and 46% of whom are between 40 and 64 years old. The survey also revealed that 61% of these women play these games at home in their living room while 41% play in the bedroom, and nearly a third play them in the evening.

While these women like to play, they don’t want to pay.  The demographic most willing to pay for in-game features (that cost more than $10) are adults of both genders between 25 and 39 years old. Nearly two-thirds of the biggest spenders fall in this age group, according to the survey.  This can most likely be attributed to Gen Y’s comfort level with the mobile platform.

This information presents both challenges and opportunities. Mobile presents an amazing opportunity for brands to create apps or advertisements that engage a highly desirable target audience of, shall we say, mature ladies.  While there was not a deeper dive into the demographic and economic background of the respondents, it is likely that a lot of these women are making purchasing decisions for the household.

On the other hand, it’s challenging for mobile operators and game developers to monetize their games, especially when 72% of the survey respondents weren’t comfortable entering their credit card details into an app. The future for these types of transactions may lie in direct carrier billing, which doesn’t require any personal information to be entered.