Business to Consumer / Integrated Campaign


Sling is a technology company whose products allow users to watch TV anywhere on any device. After 10 years in the marketplace, they have a devoted core of customers, but had yet to break out beyond that relatively narrow band. At the same time, a variety of tangential competitors like large cable companies and streaming devices were beginning to talk about having “tv anywhere” services. Sling was suddenly in the position of having the market begin to move to them and needed to take advantage


Using a previously commissioned logo, we embarked on a wholescale rebranding of Sling. In creating the brand’s first ever tagline of “It’s on”, we successfully helped articulate the key difference of Sling from it’s competitors—Anything that can be shown on your TV can be seen on any device. If it’s on your TV, it’s on. This positioning led to a new anthem video appearing on the site as well as a host of other material including rich media, targeted video ads, event collateral and more.

In supporting the launch Oōtem created:  long-form video to play on the brand’s new website and youtube channel, :30 male and a :30 female targeted ads which ran on national cable and VOD channels, online video, online expandable, social creative, editorial calendar, search and advertorials.



Within four weeks of launch

  • Sling’s channel partners reported strongest weekly sales in over a year
  • Average time viewing the :30 spots on line more than twice industry average
  • CTR% 4.5x above expectations
  • Time on site 2.4X above expectations
  • Time spent with expandalbe unit in excess of 90 seconds
  • Remarketing creative receiving 2.8x higher CTR% over industry norms
  • Sales surpassing goals



Business to Consumer / Digital Campaign


Sling is a technology company whose products allow users to watch TV anywhere on any device.  In looking to drive sales during and after March Madness, Sling turned to Oōtem to craft a campaign.  Due to the crowded media landscape (and a limited budget), it was clear that Sling might have difficulties in reaching its core male sport lover audience in the initial timeframe.


Oōtem conducted consumer research and discovered an opportunity market existed. The spouse of the core target.  For the first time, Sling communicated directly to Women.  Oōtem created “Escape the Madness” campaign targeting those women who needed a break from the “madness” which was happening in their home.  Then we pivoted to the core male sports audience when they were more apt to consider Sling



Efforts targeting women exceeded sales goals by 180% and the efforts targeting men exceeded goals by 108%. View times +75% over expectations and industry averages.