Millennials Never Sleep

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Millennials are giving new meaning to the “always-on” consumer because they are on even when they are supposed to be off.

According to Crowdtap, Millennials are spending 18 hours per day consuming media. The hours are compounded, meaning that a person watching TV and checking Instagram at the same time for one hour would rack up two hours of media consumption — one for each device.

Broken down, Millennials spend 18% of their time on social networking sites, which is still less than the 20% of time they spend browsing the Internet, though I’m sure those two overlap. They spend 13% of their time watching live TV and 10% watching pre-recorded TV.


Calling them “always-on consumers” alone doesn’t appear accurate, though. Crowdtap says 30% of Millennials’ media time is spent with content created and curated by their peers, which means they are also acting as “always-on publishers.”

For all the advertisers out there, where does the good ole banner ad stack up in terms of influence?

Over half (53%) say user-generated content has an influence on purchase decisions, while 44% say traditional media does. Banner ads check in at 23%

Millennials spend a lot of time with user-generated content, and the challenge for advertiser remains – how to generate new material and engage consumers in channels dominated by user-generated content.

For the report, Crowdtap partnered with Ipsos MediaCT to survey 839 Millennial men and women online in January 2014.

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